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"An invaluable resource."

- Molly Smith, Artistic Director, Arena Stage

Breathing Acrobats

"The results were spectacular."

-- Lord David Puttnam, Film Producer (Killing Fields, Chariots of Fire), former Chairman, Columbia Pictures

Ink drawing Acrobat (above) copyright © Marti Fast, 2002-2009.
(All rights reserved. Permission to use granted by the artist.)



Fitzmaurice Voicework® is a comprehensive, holistic approach to voice training. Originally developed for actors, it is now also used to help people with a wide variety of interests and needs. Find out more.

The Fitzmaurice Voice Teacher Certification Program letter of Information & Application is ready for the 2016/17 voice teacher training program in Barcelona Spain! See our Calendar of Events. Email us using this link for more information on this in-depth voice teacher training.



Public voice workshops taught by certified Fitzmaurice teachers offer introductions, reviews, or new experiences of the work. For more information on these voice workshops, which are usually between 1 and 5 days, look for voice workshops in the events section of the website.

For a taste of several aspects of the work, we recommend you register online for the next 5-day workshop taught by Catherine Fitzmaurice with Master and Associate Teachers in New York City, May 22-26. See the Calendar of Events.

Public Fitzmaurice Voicework classes are taught by certified Fitzmaurice teachers and offer an ongoing opportunity to explore this work. For location and contact information about ongoing voice classes, visit the voice classes section.


To find certified Fitzmaurice voice teachers near you for private voice lessons or for inquiries, visit our Teachers section.

You can search for certified Fitzmaurice teachers with the following specialties:
Clinicians (Doctors or Speech Language Pathologists)
Singing Teachers
Knight-Thompson Speechwork Teachers

You can also search for certified teachers in the following ways:
Geographic Locations (find teachers by their location)
Institutions (find teachers by the institutions in which they teach)
MFA Programs (find teachers who teach in graduate programs)
Non-English Language Speakers (find teachers who are fluent in languages other than English, as well as English)


The next available Fitzmaurice Voice Teacher Certification Program will take place in June/July 2016/17 in Barcelona, Spain.

Email us using this link for more information and application materials for the voice teacher certification program.

Please Note: there are prerequisites for the voice teacher training program, and you may send in an application expressing interest before completing the prerequisite work.

Payment plans and a limited number of partial scholarships are available.



We expect to offer our fourth public conference in 2016. Stay tuned. The Third International Freedom and Focus Conference, took place in Bogota, Colombia July 14-19, 2014. 20+ Fitzmaurice teachers, including Catherine Fitzmaurice and Saul Kotzubei, taught workshops to 100+ participants. For more info, visit www.freedomandfocusconference.org.

Our next conference exclusively for certified Fitzmaurice teachers, The Second International Fitzmaurice Teachers Symposium, will take place June 20-25, 2015 in New York City. Over 50 teachers participated in the First International Fitzmaurice Teachers Symposium in New York City, July 1-6, 2013.



Saul Fitzmaurice Kotzubei is now Director of The Fitzmaurice Institute.

For information on the next Voice Teacher Certification Program to be held in Europe in June/July 2016/17, email us. Deadline for applications for this program in Barcelona is March 15, 2016.

Saul Kotzubei will offer his weekend voice intensive again April 10-12, 2015 in Los Angeles. See www.voicecoachLA.com.

Master Teacher Phil Thompson will offer the next 3-week Certification Course in Knight-Thompson Speechwork in July 2015. To learn how you can study this groundbreaking work, visit www.ktspeechwork.com.

Master Teacher Joseph Bates is offering singing workshops and private singing classes in New York City. See the Calendar.

Master Teacher Joan Melton will offer workshops in One Voice: Integrating Singing and Theatre Voice Techniques with Dance and Anatomy study during 2015 (includes Fitzmaurice Voicework). See www.joanmelton.com.

Master Teacher Micha Espinosa will be teaching with Aole Miller in Bali Indonesia again in June 2015. This program will be on hiatus in 2016, so don't wait till 2017. Do it now!

Master Teacher Ilse Pfeifer continues her Fitzmaurice Lab series in New York City.

We have Associates and Assistants in Australia (Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney), Austria (Innsbruck and Vienna), Belgium (Antwerp and Ghent), Canada (Guelph, Montreal, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver), Chile (Santiago), England (London), Colombia (Bogota), Cuba (Havana), Denmark (Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), Germany (Berlin), India (Mumbai), Ireland (Dublin), Norway (Trondheim), Panama (Panama City), Russia (Moscow), Singapore, Slovenia (Ljubliana), South Africa (Cape Town), Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), and Switzerland (Lausanne), as well as in most states in the USA. See our Teachers pages / Geographic Locations.

Fitzmaurice Voicework teachers address the human voice: voice in performances both scripted and improvised, Shakespeare text, public speaking, singing, breathing, integration of voice with movement, vocal rehabilitation, presence and being present, and so much more. We encourage you to find out more.

If you are interested in becoming a certified voice teacher, please email us about our voice teacher certification program. If you are interested in voice workshops or voice classes, please go to our calendar. If you want to find a certified Fitzmaurice Teacher, click on the navigation link above. If you are looking for voice teachers in New York, Los Angeles, and hundreds of other cities in the U.S.A. and abroad, you can find them in the teachers pages. In addition to having many voice teachers in New York and Los Angeles, we have voice teachers in Canada, Australia, Central and South America (including Panama, Bogota, Santiago), in Spain, in England, and many other European and Asian countries. If you are interested in writings about voice and breath and related areas, please visit our writings page. If you are interested in voice or Fitzmaurice related products, visit our store. If you are interested in the link between voice, breathing, yoga, shiatsu, meditation practices, energy work and classical voice training, we hope you will explore our site.



For more information or to be added to our mailing list, email us at: info@fitzmauricevoice.com.



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